About Us

Digital Alchemy (DA) has been shaping the future of marketing for over 16 years. Starting out with 3 people as an analytics company, DA quickly expanded and evolved into designing, developing, and managing Marketing Automation Services & Solutions. 

While we were helping clients with data-driven marketing strategies and processes, we noticed that automating the execution aspect of marketing is relatively simple. Today’s customers, however, are demanding engaging and relevant experiences. Blasting out communications doesn’t cut it anymore. 

In our evolution to better serve our clients, we focus on driving customer engagement by using data and technology as enablers. We build engaging interactions by automating the decisions on who of your customers to talk to, what to talk to the customer about, and how to communicate the message in real-time. No matter which tool or vendor you’re currently working with, DA is uniquely positioned to establish emotional connections with your brand, owning delivery from end-to-end. 

Digital Alchemy won gold for Most Innovative Loyalty Programme at The Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2018. The win was for their work with Rabbit Rewards, a loyalty program for the Bangkok Mass Transit System in Thailand with more than 3.5 million members. Rabbit Rewards' director Eddie Lui shares what makes the loyalty program so successful in the interview below.

Want to know more on what it takes to build a successful loyalty program? Download the Rabbit Rewards Case Study